Body Clock


    From birth to old age, if you have no knowledge of common sense of life atall, but are completely out of control according to your own wishes, the resultwill be terrible.

Here we provide you with the work schedule of the 12 meridians of thehuman body.

    If you read carefully, you will understand that doing the rightthings at the right time is an essential element of health. For example, 7 Amto 9Am is the working hours of the stomach meridian, the correct way is to eatmore breakfast in the morning, rich.    Because the blood flow is concentrated inthe stomach at this time, the digestion function is good, and the stomach willnot grow up if you eat too much.

     Of course, we can also understand through the meridians schedule: stayingup until 3 Am in the middle of the night will hurt the liver. Do not drink morewater after 5 pm. From 9 Am to 11 Am is the working hours of the blood and spleenmeridian, usually at this time people are more energetic. Relax your heart from7 Pm to 9 Pm in the evening.

When you understand, you will learn to change, and when you change, yourbody will be healthy. Let's try to change it.