About us

We advocate unblocking blood circulation in the body to relieve pain.
We believe that any initial pain can be repaired without medication.
We also hope that everyone will not excessively exercise,   excessively work,   excessively medication, or excessively surgery, because all of these can cause local pain.
So what exactly do we use to achieve pain relief?
First, we will introduce reflexology. Its significance is to use the reflection areas of the back, feet, face, palms, and ears to find the areas where blood circulation obstruction, and use some special tools to unblock the blood circulation, thereby activating the body's functions. The characteristic of reflexology is that we don’t need to touch the organs. We can know the condition of the body just by touching the reflex zones. If a healthy person regularly maintains the reflex zones, the problem can be repaired early, coupled with a reasonable diet, and a happy mood.   In theory, you won’t get sick at all.
Since 2015, we've seen quite a few amazing examples of folks over 70 who have been maintaining their health for years on end! They haven't had any major illnesses for more than five years – not even COVID-19 or the need for vaccinations! This just goes to show that good blood circulation boosts immunity levels while improving physical fitness and overall quality of life.
Now let's talk meridian dredg therapy. Everyone has 14 meridians in the body, and all acupuncture points are on the meridians. Diseases of any organ will cause pain at acupuncture points. Dredging the meridians also repairs the acupuncture points, which is equivalent to repairing the early inflammation of the organ. This repair itself has prevented the occurrence of disease.
If everyone understands these details and starts to try reflexology for health care, everyone will have a new feeling.
The reason we insist on using reflexology to treat pain is because our success rate is 100%. And there are no side effects at all. Some people may experience bruises for a few days due to low platelets, but they will disappear quickly, and the pain will be greatly relieved.
We hope that more people will recognize reflexology, stay away from painkillers and drugs, and make their lives better.