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The price is divided into two types: treatment and muscle relaxation.

If you have local pain, please choose treatment. After there is basicallyno pain, you can choose a regular health care plan to relax the whole body.

The content of the process for the two prices is different. The treatmentprocess did not turn over,   and only focused on repairing the painfularea. The health care price is only applicable to customer who are once a weekor once every two weeks, focusing on the reflex area to relax the muscles ofthe whole body.

We have a permanent medical office license from the Surprise City Hall. Asfor whether the insurance company covers, you need to ask your doctor to informthe insurance company. We will give you print receipt.



In order to improve the quality of work, if we do not answer the call during work, please leave a message after hearing the prompt tone. If there is no message, the call will not be returned.

To make an appointment, you need to pay a credit card in advance,otherwise the appointment will be invalid.